Thursday, 16 July 2009

Welcome to my blog....

I have decided to start a blog to track the progress of my new event business Doily Days

Doily Days was an idea that evolved over time to fully embrace and combine my interest in hospitality and my love of all things vintage, kitsch and shabby chic!

I am a car boot/charity shop fanatic and I started collecting beautiful pieces of mismatching china for my wedding. The collection grew very quickly because I just couldn't resist gorgeous side plates, teacups, jugs for flowers, silver candelabras etc etc.... so I started thinking perhaps I could make a business out of this. And the idea evolved... and evolved and I thought hell, why stop at table decorations? I have experience working for various event companies, I know how these things work, lets go for it! So as you can see from the website I am going to be offering a 'one stop shop' for a vintage wedding - VW Campers and Beetles for wedding day transport, invitations inspired by vintage images, cupcakes etc etc...

The website is not ready yet, I have too many ideas for my web designer to keep up with! I'm really pleased with the positive feedback I've had so far and I'm just looking forward to promoting Doily Days as much as possible and taking lots of bookings. I actually did my first event last month - table decorations for a garden party style wedding in Headley, Hampshire. I had a lot of fun with that and made some really cute fabric party bags for the kids (pictures to be uploaded as soon as possible).

Well, that's enough for now. I'll hope to have some exciting news for you in my quest for publicity and I'm going to be making my own bunting soon. I've been collecting fabulous scraps of material from car boots and charity shops - so I'll upload some pictures so you can see how it turns out!

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