Saturday, 30 January 2010


Just a quick one to tell you all about the fabulous cakestands I have been making. I select plates from my vast collection of mismatching crockery - drill through the centre (yes, it is nervewracking!) and attach the screws, pillars and handle. Hey presto you have a very quaint, very kitsch item that is just crying out for scones piled high with lashings of cream and jam. It's also a beautiful was to showcase cup cakes in a teashop window. I hire the cakestands out for a mere £6 as well as teapots, plates, teacups, milk jugs, sugar bowls, vases etc etc. No job is too small so if you fancy a retro afternoon tea for a birthday party, christening, hen party or wedding please get in touch! I can also help with music, flowers etc - I just love styling for events. You can find my contact details via my website

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  1. I got a 3 tier Cath Kidston cake stand off hubby for Christmas, I like your vintage style one's though.