Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Inspiring Vintage Phography

I have been gathering subjects for and this morning, from the safety of my bed, I have been writing about some amazing talent.

I want to share with you some Polaroid pictures taken by Vicky Stevenson. I am awe inspired and desperately want some of these prints to frame for my lounge. Her work can be viewed and brought via Etsy Her blog is also fabulous and I was intigued by her night time walk along the pier off season. It sums up what it is to be a true Brightonian!

‘Last week I took a short walk along the seafront and down the pier, before returning home. The pier at night is like something out of Scooby-Doo when it’s off season. Most things are closed and there’s not many people about, half the rides have had their insides taken away or are in pieces. The cheesy 70’s music can still be heard all the way down.’

The accompanying photos depict some very emotive images – unused deckchairs stacked up, the dark eyes of cuddly puppies stuck in glass cages desperate but unlikely to be hooked by the giant silver arm. The ‘Kids play area’ desolate and dark looks absolutely eerie but I really feel what she’s doing here.

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