Friday, 9 April 2010

Doily Days Does Sweets!

I have been like a kid in a sweetshop today! Well okay, like a kid in a massive wholesalers - wondering at the huge trolleys, marvelling at the price of breakfast cereal! I am in the process of making some wedding favours for a lovely bride to be and I need to deliver them next week - eeek! The clock is ticking... I have the little jars so todays mission was to buy the sweets. I deliberated for ages with my friend Mel (who was equally as enamoured by the huge array!) and I finally went for Rhubarb and Custard (but of course - sweet shop classic), Rosy Apples, I suprised myself by choosing Sherbert pips but I thought they were colourful, had a certain charm and the size would add a new dimension!... I also went for Dolly Mixture - could we rename it Doily Mixture? and last but by no means least - Sugar Mice!!!!! Ever since I saw this heartbreakingly beautiful polariod picture by Vicky Stevenson I've been on the hunt for some gorgeous sugar mice of my own!

Anyway - now I need to get cutting circles of fabric for the top of the jars and hey presto. Job's a goodun!

Contact me via if you're interested in my sweet favours for your wedding!

Life is idyllic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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