Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well who would have thought tying a bow could be so complex! I've been tying bows in my shoe laces for years....

In my quest to earn an honest bob while avoiding the perils of the 9am-5pm drudgery I applied to do a few hours work for 'Handmade by me'. The company is based in Peacehaven and they specialise in handmade invitations and cards for all occassions.

Samantha, who runs the company, is busy busy busy so she needs help putting the orders together. I was put to work - firstly sticking labels at the bottom of some beautiful textured card. This is not too hard I thought. Then I moved onto attaching a transparant sheet to the beautiful card. This was done by poking a heartshaped, gold pin into the top... again - so far so good and it was satisfying work. Then it was time to roll the scrolls. This was a bit tricky but I think I could have managed it. But the bow tying stage was to come - and could I do it? Could i hell.... My bows came out floppy, twisted, upside down. So I was taken off bow tying duty and put on twisting mini roses duty. I then pushed the roses behind the bows (that were expertly done by Samantha) and slipped them into postage tubes. Job done....

The next batch of invitations also involved bows - as these weren't scrolls I was more confident and the first couple came out okay! Much to Samantha's delight. But when I realised I was supposed to be tying a knot before the bow it went to pieces again.

So I was sent off with practice ribbons and card and I'm waiting to hear whether my bow tying career is over or whether it's just beginning!

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