Monday, 12 April 2010

Doily Days Bargains!

Well, the sun was shining on the South coast this weekend and for a change I had a little time on my hands so I thought a spot of car booting was in order! I meandered through the farmers market on Saturday morning nibbling on tasty morsals and smiling at the jolly farmers.

I found myself at the Sussex Yacht club where they were holding a car boot sale. Much of the stuff for sale was boat themed - not really up my street as I don't have a boat. But then I stumbled upon a bike! I jumped on, wobbled round for a bit and thought 'this has my name written all over it!'... well, not strictly true because my names not Raleigh but you know what I mean. I beat them down from £25 to £20 and peddled off to the beach! Great for this time of year and the perfect excuse to kick start my exercise regime...

But the bargains didn't end there - oh no. Sunday morning I found myself at Brighton Marina for the Sunday market. Again, sun shining. An hour or so later, some random banter with stall holders and some tense negotiations and I found myself waddling back to the car laden down with a COOL book about campervans, a vintage teapot, a gorgeous pink coffeepot (called Rose Cloud - love it), a three-tier wire cake stand, a pair of jeans and a teddy bear I couldn't leave behind...

I photographed my treasures to share with you.

And a quick reminder - if you'd like to hire any vintage china or book a VW Campervan please check out my website

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  1. oh i don't need a campervan just yet- but i heading over to that site from here- just 'cause i think my hubby & kids would loove me to book one....just wanted to say that the plates & pots in your 'haul' are lovely- i can never say no thanks to a piece of vintage china- getting seriously outa control at our house- well maybe not hee hee!