Monday, 19 April 2010

Wedding Favours

One of my clients is getting married in less than two weeks! She found out about Doily Days when she read the fantastic article on Daily Candy back in September

I agreed to make her 140 'country garden' style wedding favours - small glass jars full of old fashioned sweets. See the last blog post for the fun I had at the wholesalers buying the sweets! I felt like a kid again....

I bought some pinking scissors at great expense and set to work cutting circles of fabric. Luckily I have quite a stash of fabric as it's something else I can't resist on my car boot sale missions. I found the perfect size sugar bowl to draw round and then set to work cutting out the circles. Luckily my friend Emma joined me that evening - armed with supplies of red wine and chocolate! So we chatted while i snipped and she set to work filling the jars with the sweets.

But Emma had to leave at about 11pm (because she has a 'proper' job and has to make serious decisions) and I was up until about 2am - tying the fabric to the top of the jars - eyes propped open with matchsticks, the only thing keeping me going was the sugar rush from the sweets I kept dipping into! Anyway, 2am and I was still only half way through so the next morning I cracked on - seemed to have it down to a fine art by that point and got them all done and dusted!

I was sooo pleased with the result and I think they will look lovely on the wedding tables.

I collected some more gorgeous fabric at the weekend because I am making 130 similar favours for a wedding in August - this time the jars will be full of homemade jams and chutneys.

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