Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mismatching Vintage Plates for BBQ/Hog Roast style wedding

One of my clients is getting married in Henfield in August. She is having a wedding that is right up my street. A marquee in a field opposite her parents cottage, they're getting all the food themselves and a local community group is BBQing for them. They're hiring vintage china from Doily Days! The tables will be laid with mismatching main plates. The client is making her own jams and chutneys for wedding favours and I am providing old fashioned jugs and vases for her bunches of seasonal flowers. They're having bunting and they're colecting jam jars for the tables... I'm proving mismatching platters and bowls for their BBQ buffet. For dessert they're having a selection of cakes (so I'll be proving cake stands) and trifles (so I'll be proving cute little vintage bowls) sigh. Love it! And so pleased to be a part of it. Can't wait to see the pictures.

I was washing up a few of the plates before I packed them up for our meeting and I thought they looked lovely drying in the rack - what do you think?


  1. Yes...they do look lovely. I may have a couple of large wooden plate racks like yours going begging shortly, if u cd use. U will have to come to France to collect them! As mentioned, my huge local "depot vente" is a fantastic source for china/glass/accessories - at prices i find agreeably low. Hoping u may squeeze in a trip to review...Lovely to see u!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'd love to know more as I'm coming to France next month! x